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    2nd Daughter due to arrive next week...

    We have one daughter double first named Cornelia Carter and she goes by Cece. We are set to welcome our second daughter and cannot find anything that is exactly right. We would love to give her a double first name like her sister. We both love the second name Louise, it also honors both sides of the family. Currently we have agreed on Sadie Louise and Livia Louise, but neither seem to be the clear choice. I thought someone may have some suggestion or help us pick the clear winner.

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    What do you plan to call her? Sadie Louise? Or just Sadie? IMHO, I like both names, but they both seem a bit long to go with Cece, especially if you intend to call her by her double name.
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    Livia Louise - I think in addition to a double barrel it makes sense for there to be some sort of nickname, and Lilu is too cute!!! AND I love Liv, Livvy, Livvy Lou. Livia is a great name although I do wonder about people hearing it as Olivia all the time. Cornelia and Livia are so much better matched than Cornelia and Sadie, too. I do think Sarah nn Sadie is better balanced (still off, but better), and she could be Sarah Louise nn Sadie Lou (Actually, Cornelia and Sarah are off, but Cornelia and Sarah Louise, or Cornelia Carter and Sarah Louise, comes a little closer). With Livia Louise, you might be tied in to alliterative names (CC and LL) but you could choose to break it and those also aren't *that* hard (it is a challenge, but not, like, a crazy one). Some other suggestions to get you thinking.....

    Instead of Livia Louise....

    -Lavinia Louise (Lalu, Lala, I do wonder about both lav and loo though, hmm, pretty obscure though)
    -Lydia Louise (Liddy Lou, Lilu, Lylu).
    -Louisa with a different middle. Louisa Sadie is OK but has a lot of SA. Louisa Livia is too much I think. But Louise is what you love, and you could go with just Louise, but I think Cornelia and Louisa fit more naturally than Cornelia and Louise.
    -Eloise with a different middle, maybe. Eloise Sadie kind of runs together but it's OK, Eloise Livia works (Ellie, Lola, Loli, Ellie-Liv?). Eloise and Cornelia are nice together for sure!
    -Lovisa with a different middle. (Elouise and Lovisa are both Louise relatives, like Louisa).
    -Sylvia Louise (Sylvie Lou!)
    -Edith Louise (Edie Lou - Edie has always touched the same notes as Sadie for me)
    -Adelaide Louise (Aidy Lou, Lady Lou) - Adelaide and Cornelia fit so nicely together.
    -Marguerite Louise or Margaret Louise (I like both, Marguerite seems to fit Cornelia a bit better) - Maisie Lou (Maisie and Sadie remind me of each other)
    -Mary Louise or Mary-Louise - Mary is such a natural double-barreler, and if you like Sadie you might like Mamie?

    Good luck!

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    still thinking of names....

    Cece does have a middle name. Her full name is Cornelia Carter Drechsler S. She is also under three so we call her Cece but I am hopeful that she will want to use her full double first name in a few years (maybe when she can write both). We intend to also give this baby four names. first name Louise Harper S. I would love for her to go by both her first names but I realize that isn't always the case. If we use Sadie Louise I would prefer either both names or Sadie Lou. My family has generations of double first names mostly the are something Lou. So I would really like to keep Louise in the second spot.
    I am not a fan of Sarah in any form. I did look further a field at Cerelia and Sarina.
    If we went with our other choice Livia Louise. I am afraid we wouldn't use both names or Louise would get dropped. I am concerned that Livia is too close to Olive and Olivia and the poor girl will be forever correcting everyone.
    We have a niece that is the same age as our daughter that is a Margaret nn Maggie.
    One of my Sisters is Mamie Claire (double first name)
    Our last name is a short german name that starts with a SCH so it creates a really hard shift phonetically.

    Here is our longer list...
    Adela or Adeila
    Lela or Leila
    We liked Wilhelmina but my sis in law is due in a few months and her boy name is william IV so we felt we couldn't use it.
    Ann/ Anna

    I am still hopeful the perfect name will appear before she does

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    I think you have some beautiful choices! I love Livia, and to me Livia Louise really rolls off the tongue which is nice! but, yes I do see your concerns.
    Out on a limb, but what about Greta Louise? I think that is so pretty together.
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