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    Pick apart my girls' combos?

    So I'm really not good at coming up with name combos, but I was randomly inspired to sit down and throw some together just for fun. All the middle names have a personal/family connection (even Rose, Lynn, and Marie!). Even if you just want to point out your favorite from each set and let me know why I'd be super grateful!

    Florence Kathryn
    Florence Lilith
    Florence Lynn
    Florence Marilyn
    Florence Patricia
    Florence Alba
    Florence Estlin - Estlin is after E.E. Cummings, whose poem I read at my grandmother's funeral

    Leona Rose
    Leona Lilith - I have a great niece I've never met (and probably never will) named Lilith LeeAnn, is this too close?
    Leona Judith
    Leona Vesper

    Mabel Judith
    Mabel Olympia
    Mabel Marie

    Vivian Alba
    Vivian Lillie
    Vivian Rose - maybe too "common"?

    Zelda Rose
    Zelda Marilyn
    Zelda Meredith
    Zelda Revere
    Zelda Judith
    Zelda Vesper

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    Beatrix Judith

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    Florence Alba -- I chose this one for Florence because I LOVE the name Alba. No other reason really. You have several other lovely choices with Florence.

    Leona Vesper -- Again, I chose this one because I adore Vesper and would love to see more people use it! I also think it balances nicely with the very traditional, down-to-earth Leona.

    Mabel Olympia -- Partly chose this one because I like the rhythm of 2-3 better than 2-2. I also love the name Olympia.

    Vivian Rose -- I like the flow of Vivian Rose better than the other combos

    Zelda Meredith -- Zelda is a fantastic name. Love it! But I feel like it needs something pretty grounded in the middle, which is why I chose Meredith.

    Good luck!
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    I like a lot of your names!

    Florence Kathryn- Dislike the spelling of Kathryn. But overall, I like it.
    Florence Lilith- Too many L sounds for me.
    Florence Lynn- Ditto.
    Florence Marilyn- Something feels a bit off.
    Florence Patricia- Really like this, and I'm not 100% why! But it's neat.
    Florence Alba- Also really like this.
    Florence Estlin- Love the connection. Estlin is a bit hard to swallow, but it's a nice combo.

    Top combo is Florence Estlin.

    Leona Rose- A bit filler-ey, but I like it. Very romantic.
    Leona Lilith- Don't like the alliteration, and it's pretty close to Lilith LeAnne.
    Leona Judith- Don't care for Judith.
    Leona Vesper- Love Leona and Vesper.

    Top combo is Leona Vesper.

    Mabel Judith- Again, not caring for Judith.
    Mabel Olympia- Love how unexpected Olympia is. Goes well with Mabel.
    Mabel Marie- Not a fan of the alliteration, and again, a bit filler-ey.

    Top combo is Mabel Olympia.

    Vivian Alba- Like Alba with Vivian too.
    Vivian Lillie- Dislike this spelling of Lillie. Something feels a bit off.
    Vivian Rose- A bit filler-ey, but I like Rose with Vivian.

    Top combo is Vivian Rose.

    Zelda Rose- Filler-ey, but very sweet.
    Zelda Marilyn- Makes me think of old-Hollywood overload.
    Zelda Meredith- Really liking this.
    Zelda Revere- Not liking Revere. Makes me think of Paul's midnight ride.
    Zelda Judith- I wish I could like Judith, but I really don't like it. Especially with Zelda.
    Zelda Vesper- Like these two together, but it's a bit much.

    Top combo s Zelda Meredith.

    I hope this helps!

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    Florence Patricia / Florence Estlin - Florence Patricia has great rhythm, and I think the hip vintage retroness of Florence freshens up the potentially more tired retroness of Patricia. I also think Patricia is less tired as a middle name than a first. A friend recently used Patricia/Patty for her itty bitty baby and I'm surprised how well it's working, too. Estlin I agree with a previous poster is a little hard to say and that might even be extra the case with Florence, but, I also love how much meaning it has for you and I think Florence Estlin has a wispy, magical quality to it on the positive side. I do like it.

    Leona Vesper - too. cool. Love it!

    Agree, Mabel Olympia, although I think I'm less enthusiastic, and I also like Mabel Marie more than some others. But Mabel Olympia is pretty cool somehow.

    Vivian Alba is pretty nice.

    Zelda Rose for me. Zelda needs something to ground it, and I love the way the name opens and closes with /z/ sounds (in my accent, at least). I realize Rose is spelled with an S but for me and I think most English speakers it is voiced like a z (like Rows).

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    Leona Vesper is unanimous so far! I dig it It's my favorite out of those, too.

    It seems like everybody pretty much agrees so far! I know the middles aren't to some peoples taste and there are spellings (like Kathryn) that I'm not mad about either, but they all honor someone very important. IE Lynn and Marie, my mom's name is Lynn Marie, she happened to get two very "filler" names so I'm not left with much! That's where Marilyn comes in, and to a lesser degree Meredith (smush of Marie and Judith, my grandmother's name), to have some variety.

    Thanks ladies!
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

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