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    Out of names I like for baby #4!

    We're expecting baby #4, a girl, in October. Siblings are big brothers Brady and Cooper and big sister Eden. Our last name is one syllable, so two or more syllables works best. I like names that are somewhere in the middle as far as popularity goes...not too popular, but not too weird.

    Any ideas on a girl name that goes well with Brady, Cooper, and Eden??? Nothing's jumping out at me so far

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    deciding between Maxwell . Calvin . Finn

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    Such a random name but Farrah came to my mind right away. On the unique side like your other children but not unheard of either. I definitely like the idea of a name ending in "a" because then all would have names with different sounding endings. (It's weird but I really like when that happens).

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    All these names have a grounded modernness to them. I like the Farrah suggestion pretty well, and I think boys B, C and girls E, F has a certain logic to it. I do think Farrah has a much more conventional rhythm than the others (ending in -a for a girl), although it's hardly a particularly conventional name which helps it to work. Brady, Cooper, Eden. All are two syllables. Brady and Cooper are surnames, Eden is a place name. Words and places might be well searched. For a baby sister to join them, I could see

    Florence - more vintage, but becoming cool and a place name. Also tied to gardens and flowers.
    Iris - similar reasoning to Florence and Violet, less popular than Violet, maybe mildly more in than Florence.
    Laurel - I just think this fits so nicely! Surnameish, but very feminine.
    Luna - word-y, place-y, modern but historied, could work.
    Violet - similar to Florence but more middle ground popularity, might be surging though. A word instead of a place.
    Willow - A bit edgier than anyone else, but to me fits potentially. A two syllable nature-y name without a traditional feminine ending.

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    Love jesba's suggestion of Laurel! Soft and noun-ish like Eden

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