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Thread: Name Quiz!

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    Name Quiz!

    Daughter #1:

    First name: Favorite movie genre,
    Romantic Comedy: Arabella
    Horror: Lilith
    Sci-fi: Nova
    Non-fictional: Cleopatra
    Other: Elizabeth

    Middle name: Favorite Vacation Scenery,
    Beach side/Water-front: Pearl
    Mountains: Ember
    City: Berlin
    Jungle/Wildlife: Rose
    Other: Xanthe

    Son #1:

    First name: Favorite Beverage,
    Water: Hudson
    Soda: Ryker
    Coffee: Bailey
    Alcohol: Jameson
    Other: Corbin

    Middle name: Your eye color,
    Brown: Brock
    Blue: Azure
    Green: Forrest
    Gray: Grey
    Other: Ace

    Daughter #2:

    First name: Favorite type of animal,
    Cat: Catherine
    Dog: Roxanne
    Bird: Wren
    Fish: Rayna
    Other: Tora

    Middle name: Hair color,
    Black: Cora
    Brunette: Hazel
    Blonde: Goldie
    Red: Scarlett
    Other: Prizma

    Son #2:

    First name: Guilty pleasure treat,
    Chocolate: Rhys
    Ice cream: Napoleon
    Smoothies/Slushies: Julius
    Cake/Pie: Graham
    Other: Colby

    Middle name: Favorite location to visit,
    UK: Ethan
    Japan: Ken
    Australia: Cooper
    France: Pierre
    Other: Dallas

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    19 year old name addict

    Alice, Amelie, Eleanor, Elodie, Eloise, Esme, Eve, Felicity, Imogen, Ivy, June, Maeve, Olive, Phoebe, Violet
    Dashiell, Declan, Elliot, Everett, Ezra, Felix, Finn, Henry, Hugo, Isaac, Jasper, Jude, Luke, Oliver, Samuel

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    Daughter #1:
    Arabella Pearl

    Son #1:
    Jameson Azure

    Daughter #2:
    Roxanne Hazel

    Son #2:
    Julius Dallas

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