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    Looking for unusual and unique names for a little girl...

    Hello there,

    My fiance and I are looking for unusual names for the baby we're having August 1. My first name is Cricket, so I can't exactly name my child "Mary". Ideally, I'd like my daughter to have a name that is unique and unusual but still pronounceable, and something that other kids can only make obvious jokes with. As a young child I definitely got teased a fair amount, but I learned to deal with the jokes and by grade 5 there was nothing new that anyone could do--I'd heard every joke already. Now I love my name and the fact that people remember me easily... it's great for conversation and in job interviews, too.

    I really like Cinderlee (a combination of my late mother's first and middle names) or Ember-lyn, but I'd love to hear some new suggestions and opinions! It'd be best if the first name went well with Katherine or Brianne as a middle name. Our last name starts with R. My fiance seems to prefer names that are almost traditional but are still uncommon (he really likes Enid--I hate it)

    Thanks everyone

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