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    Lucas is my favorite. You are doing GREAT if you have names narrowed down to three choices. Just take all three and see who he looks like.

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    I like Alonzo a lot, and also Leon. Lucas is great, and I'd use it myself, but the other two have so much more character. It's cool that there's a family association for Alonzo too. It's an easy name to imagine a pet name emrging, but also using the full form at school or at any age. So, I'd rank them:

    Alonzo James
    Leon James
    Lucas Alonzo

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    Another vote for Alonzo James, followed by Leon and then Lucas... I just think Lucas is way too popular.

    Only question: if the three of you have the same initials, will you feel compelled to look for 'A' names for your subsequent children?
    Happily married to a fabulous but completely-not-interested-in-names guy.

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    Cormac Geoffrey Adisu (02/08/11)
    Boaz Geoffrey Mekonnen (04/07/13)

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    I actually think I like Alonzo the best for the first name, even though Lucas is one of my favorite boy names. Alonzo just sounds great - and the nickname will fall into place, you don't need to worry about that! I definitely think Alonzo would be very sweet on a baby - and as you said it would be a name that would grow well into adulthood. You guys should just go for it!

    Good luck!

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    Wow! Thank you for all the feedback! I knew Namberry was the way to go if I wanted honest opinions. Alonzo is really growing on me I really like what missmolly said about pet names vs. nicknames. AJ is also a great option for a nickname. I think we will see what this little guy looks like and go from there.
    As far as "A" names are concerned, we might stick with that theme...maybe I could get my husband onboard with Althea that way for a girl
    Thank you for everyone's comments!


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