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    Baby Boy Name Help!

    My first post on Nameberry
    We are expecting our first baby in only 3 weeks and I am stuck on 3 names. I would love some outside opinions.

    1. Lucas Alonzo Carter
    I love the name Lucas, but it is so trendy. I originally didn't want anything in the top 150, but it is such a solid name.

    2. Leon James Carter
    I am not sure why I don't like Leon more... it is something about the way it rolls off the tongue. It phonetically sounds "harsh." My husband loves it though.

    3. Alonzo James Carter
    This is variation of my husband's grandfather's name. I think I am leaning toward this one, but... I am having a hard time thinking about a baby named Alonzo. Alonzo seems like a sexy man name, not a cute baby name I have tried to think of nicknames for Alonzo... Zo, ZoZo, Lonzo, Zobie, just not sure if I am in love with any of those names.
    My husband also LOVES this name, and is sort of obsessed with the fact that all three of us will have the initials AC.

    Please help and any other suggestions are welcome!
    Thank you!


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