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    Baby Boy Name Help!

    My first post on Nameberry
    We are expecting our first baby in only 3 weeks and I am stuck on 3 names. I would love some outside opinions.

    1. Lucas Alonzo Carter
    I love the name Lucas, but it is so trendy. I originally didn't want anything in the top 150, but it is such a solid name.

    2. Leon James Carter
    I am not sure why I don't like Leon more... it is something about the way it rolls off the tongue. It phonetically sounds "harsh." My husband loves it though.

    3. Alonzo James Carter
    This is variation of my husband's grandfather's name. I think I am leaning toward this one, but... I am having a hard time thinking about a baby named Alonzo. Alonzo seems like a sexy man name, not a cute baby name I have tried to think of nicknames for Alonzo... Zo, ZoZo, Lonzo, Zobie, just not sure if I am in love with any of those names.
    My husband also LOVES this name, and is sort of obsessed with the fact that all three of us will have the initials AC.

    Please help and any other suggestions are welcome!
    Thank you!


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    I like Lucas Alonzo Carter the most, but it is very popular. My second pick is definitely Alonzo James. A very good name, and it sounds strong.
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    My takes on your 3 choices:

    1. Lucas Alonzo Carter---pretty swoon-worthy. I know what you mean about is much more popular than I'd be inclined to choose. But it's obvious is a strong attractive name. I think there are 3 Lucas's in my son's scout troop. You could try variations and names that are close....Luca, Lucian, Lucias. What about CartER doesn't work. Actually, I have my doubts about LuCAs CArter, but I'm not sure.

    2. Leon James Carter. I'm totally with you on this one. Leon's great. It's got a funky jazz vibe. It's cool. I don't like it. How about Levon? Or Leo? Or Leone?

    3. Alonzo James Carter. Also a really strong sounding name. I was going to comment on how unusual it is---but I'm shocked to see it it's at #567. Alonzo has got a lot of flair. Lon and Lonnie seem like rather wimpy nicknames. Al just seems to diminish the strength of the name. Zo is strong and modern....but a little bit sci-fi. I think I'd be inclined to call him by his full name. The fact that it is a family name is a plus also.

    I think I'll vote for Alonzo James Carter. The more I think of it, the more I like it. It's got a flair and swagger that Lucas doesn't have, plus it's got family history.

    But, the more I think about them....I really like Levon James and Leone James too.....

    A general comment on nicknames. I differentiate between nicknames and pet names. Nicknames are derivatives of a given name (usually) and are used in the world at large, at least part of the time. Pet names are used by intimate family and friends as a sign of affection and aren't often used in public. I say this because it seems like you might feel that Alonzo is too much of a 'man' name for your baby. You can develop pet names that have nothing to do with his actual name. My son is Mischkin or Misch, but to me only, and these pet names aren't anywhere close to his real name.
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    I like Alonzo James Carter. It's flows nicely and a big plus for me is that it's a family name to boot! For a very typical could use AJ...his initials? Or Lanzo? My second favorite is Lucas Alonzo. Have you tried writing the names out too? Which do you like better? If you sign a card from everyone in your family...which one seems to "fit"? Cool names!

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    1. Leon James Carter- flows so well, and Leo is cute
    2. Lucas Alonzo Carter
    3. Alonzo James Carter
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