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    I've always liked the name Adrian, myself...
    “I read books when I was a kid, lots of books. Books always seemed like magic to me. They took you to the most amazing places. When I got older, I realized I couldn't find books that took me to all the places I wanted to go. To go to those places, I had to write some books myself.”
    ― Pat Murphy, The Wild Girls

    "Like everyone else, I am going to die. But the words – the words live on..."
    ― J. Michael Straczynski

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    Ooooo this reminds me of The Mortal Instruments series!
    Blake- can mean either black or pale
    Doyle- dark stranger
    Duncan- brown warrior
    Donovan- little dark brown one
    Duane -- little and dark
    Melanchthon -- black earth
    Nigel -- black This is a great list
    teen berry
    excuse my username

    Isla Juno - Elodie Clover - Genevieve Aisling- Juliet Sparrow
    Wolfgang Pascal - Evander Hugo - Jasper Fox - Theodore Blaise - Lucian Atlas

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    Catahecassa-Black Hoof (I really like what it means. I promise i did not make this name up. Maybe you could shorten it, but this be his actual Name, if that makes sense?)
    Inali-Black Fox
    Braith-Black and White
    Siyavash-Black Bull
    Kione- Someone who comes from nowhere
    Jolon- Valley of the dead oaks

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    I wrote something a little like this a while ago about a 17 year old demon who is the son of the devil. I used the name Blake because it had a dark meaning while still being modern.

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    It means "thunder of God". It's the name of a fallen Angel in the book of Enoch. You can Wikipedia it. Ram would be an okay nickname.

    Just becareful not to spell it Remiel. That's actually a different Angel.. an unfallen one!

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