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    If I were to go by any other name

    My entire life, I've loved names. Their meanings, their sound, searching them up, creating characters just so I had an excuse to use a good name. Since I was two, I've been compiling an ongoing list of names I like.
    I find this makes the fact that I'm not the biggest fan of my own name sort of ironic. My first and middle are Sophia Luella. In my life, I've met at least ten other Sophias. Teachers never call me by the right name; it's always Sophie. 3/4 of everyone I've ever met thinks my name is Sophie even though I tell them it's Sophia and when they get it right, they spell it Sofia. I've never really FELT like a Sophia, either. Especially combined with Luella. Don't get me wrong, both names are amazing and I'm grateful that I've been given them, but I don't feel like either one particularly suits me. I don't feel like I get to be "me", either, swimming in this sea of Sophias. So that brings me to my pending decision: do I go by another name? Do I somehow invent a nickname that isn't Sophie or Lulu or Ella? Or do I stick Sophia out and not change anything?

    Just for a reference, here's a bit about me, in case anyone has any suggestions: I have brown hair with a hint of red in a pixie cut and brown eyes on the larger side, and more or less I have an even, heart-shaped/roundish face. I have a medium skin tone; I'm not ridiculously paper-white, but I wouldn't be called "perpetually tan". I like reading, drawing, writing, doing plays and shows, playing guitar, piano, drums, singing, and am a generally talkative and outgoing person. If anyone has any suggestions to what I could do with my name or even an entirely new name either A) based on the "style" or feel of my current one or B) what you think if you picture what I've described, that'd be a HUGE help.

    I'm not super into really weird names like Phaedra or names like that, or really well known, overly used names. Some of my favorites are Clementine, Evangeline, Sawyer (yes, for a girl...), Thea, Violet, Bianca, Stella Luna (I know it's a bat- but I still like the way it sounds!)
    I suppose my style is somewhat vintage, somewhat off the radar, and pretty, but I don't know if that factors into what MY name could be.
    Thanks a million!

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    A new nickname would probably be the easiest transition. Perhaps something like Phie (Fee) or Flea (Phie derivative) or Lola (Oh sound of Sophia and L's of Luella). Or even just Elle might be nice. You might even be able to pull off Noelle. However any big changes would be difficult to initiate with close family and friends.

    As far as changing the name you go by altogether? Some suggestions:
    Magnolia "Maggie"

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