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  • Vera

    57 44.19%
  • Esther

    53 41.09%
  • Agnes

    19 14.73%
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    What about Esther Lucia or Esther Louisa? You could still call her Esther Lou or Essie Lou, plus, she would have your name (if you're using your real name here in NB) if you use Lucia. I don't know how to pronounce Esther in Spanish, but if you use Lucia as a mn, she'll have a very Spanish mn.
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    Vera is in my top 3, so I voted for it before reading your post. Now seeing your son's name is Noah, I'd vote for Esther, which is also quite nice. I can't comment on how it sounds in Spanish though, as my Spanish is poor!

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    Vera is the only one that I love.
    What about Estelle instead of Esther?

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    Quote Originally Posted by greyer View Post
    I absolutely love all three of these names! I voted for Agnes because I think the -ah sounding endings of Vera and Noah are a little matchy, and because Esther and Noah is a bit too biblical for me personally, but those are my own weird little quirks. I really don't think you can go wrong! Good luck and congrats
    I agree. I also like the combo Agnes Vera Walden best.
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    We have now decided to name her a combo of the three names Vera, Esther and Lou. Vera because the name has been with us from the beginning, Esther because we just love the name and meaning/story of Esther from the bible, and Lou because her brother insists of naming her Lou "beause that means she becomes a girl" (his words!).

    So, which combo would you use?

    Vera Esther Lou
    Vera Lou Esther
    Esther Vera Lou
    Esther Lou Vera
    Lou Vera Esther
    Lou Esther Vera

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