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  • Vera

    57 44.19%
  • Esther

    53 41.09%
  • Agnes

    19 14.73%
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    Vera Agnes Walden- I actually love Vera (though not quite as much as Esther), but I hate this combo. Vera Agnes will slur to become Veragnes. I much prefer Vera Beatrix Walden.
    Agnes Lou Walden- I've never liked Lou as a mn... it's just so country. Agnes Lou is ok... but not great.
    Esther Beatrix Walden- I love that Beatrix spices up the rather demure Esther. Esther Bea would be a cute nn, or Essie Bea.
    Esther Vera Walden- The combo is ok, but has a 2-2-2 syllable scheme... it doesn't flow as well as Esther Beatrix, imho.

    So, I'm from S. Texas, but embarrassingly I don't speak Spanish. I'm not sure how Esther sounds to a native speaker, but I do know a few Mexican-American Esthers... I love Esther's story in the Bible and meaning in Farsi ('star') to the point that I'm still working on convincing DH to let me use Sitareh, the original Farsi root of Esther, for a daughter. Vera is nice, but I just love the sound and meaning of Esther so much more. But go with your heart... best of luck!
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    Jag föredrar Vera eller Agnes framför Esther, ärligt talat. Förmodligen för att de är mer i min smak Men Vera Agnes får min röst, jag är väldigt svag för Vera och det passar bra med Noah

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    This is the never ending story about choosing a name! I'm coming to terms with maybe having to keep them all three, but then I still have to choose the order ...

    Vera Agnes Esther

    Vera Esther Agnes

    Agnes Vera Esther

    Agnes Esther Vera


    Any thoughts? I'm going crazy!

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    Between Vera and Esther, I would choose Esther. It's a nice name, and Noah and Vera are a little matchy for me.

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    Esther does sound a little harsh in Spanish, but it's also pretty.

    If you choose Agnes, would you call her Agnes or Inés when you're speaking Spanish? (I have a 4 month old named Inés, and I love both names).

    I don't like Vera, but it's okay as a middle.

    I love Beatriz/x, so my favorite of the names I've seen you list so far is Esther Beatrix, followed by Agnes Vera.

    I think you need to decide which name you want for the first name, and then worry about the middle(s).
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