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    Redwoodfey, you have a bunch that sit just right for me! Asher, Oliver and Evander used to be on our list.
    Others I had heard, but hadn't considered, that I really like are Fenris, Theon, Caspian and Evander. I love the nickname Cas/Cass but had trouble separating it from Castiel (Supernatural was a guilty pleasure show of ours for awhile!).

    Caspar / Casper has been growing on me. While I like them objectively, my association has always been the friendly ghost since I loved the movie as a kid! It feels like a much fainter association now, though, and I love that it's out of the top 1000 yet still so familiar.

    I'm glad you think Anders would work for Alsander, and I love it from Leander as well (Lysander is another option for us).

    Thanks for the thoughts on nicknames. I think I shouldn't worry about something like Nolan (even though that particular name isn't a good surname fit), it would be something like Cass or Noel that would hit my sore spot ("what's it short for?"). I think Theon would be borderline for that as well, but I do love it (minus the Theon Greyjoy association).
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