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    Masculine but soft? Nolan, Desmond, Alsander...

    More along these lines?

    I love Nolan but it doesn't work with our surname, it's great for the "masculine but soft" category as an example though.

    Desmond is great, love Des, but it's a little questionable re: surname flow.

    Alsander hits sweet spots for me, but I don't like Sander as a nickname... or Al... and both seem inevitable.

    Ideas please!
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    I love Desmond. I think we have similar styles for boy names.

    Edwin and Flynn are my other top names if those appeal to you. I love the nickname Win for Edwin, not so much Eddie. Sometimes you can't avoid it though :/
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    How about Brennan and Ronan? These meet the masculine but soft criteria, but not sure if they meet having a nn.

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    Nolan is a great choice for you, and you love it. Why not call him Nole or Nollie?

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    Love Desmond nn Des. Personally wouldnt feel the need to nickname Nolan, but what about {Noel}? Not sure what spelling would make sense, but that sound (rhymes with Joel).

    What about Sebastien (Seb, Bastien, Bas), Jasper (Jas/Jaz), Matteo (Teo), Wesley (Wes), Leonardo/Leopold (Leo), Finnian/Finnegan (Finn)....?
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