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    Thank you for all the suggestions! It's great to see some fresh ideas.
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    Take it from someone that was nicknamed, it isn't all it is cracked up to be. I Nolan is great and doesn't need a nickname.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boyandgirl View Post
    Take it from someone that was nicknamed, it isn't all it is cracked up to be. I Nolan is great and doesn't need a nickname.
    I have an un-nickname-able name that SOUNDS like a nickname, so I was always asked what it was short for (which is nothing). I gravitate toward names that have great nicknames for that reason, not because I yearned for a nickname (because I still got them... they just weren't name-based). Everyone has their preferences

    Nolan wouldn't be asked what it's short for, the primary issue with it is surname flow. It's a new one on our list, I mostly wanted to use it for inspiration purposes for suggestions. I also just realized that it's sub-100 and rising, which tends to be a turn-off for me.

    ETA: Could Alsander be Anders?
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    Hmm, let's see. I prefer softer names as well (though I do like some of the harder sounding names, too), so I'll share some I love and maybe there will be a crossover with at least a couple. I'll try not to put any repeats, and only include those that have nicknames.

    Acacius (Ace, Case, Cay)
    Asher (Ash)
    Callistus (Cal)
    Caspar (Cas)
    Caspian (Cas)
    Colin (Col)
    Connor (Con)
    Corbin (Cori, Ben)
    Damian (Day, Dami)
    Dorian (Dor, Dori, Ian)
    Evander (Anders, Ev)
    Ezra (Ez, Ezzie)
    Fenris (Fen)
    Finbar (Finn)
    Finian (Finn)
    Gideon (Ian)
    Isidore (Is, Issy)
    Jasper (Jazz)
    Jorah (Jor, Jory)
    Laszlo (Laz)
    Leander (Lee, Anders)
    Liam (Lee)
    Oliver (Ollie)
    Oren (Ori)
    Simon (Sy)
    Soren (Sor, Ori)
    Theon (Ian)
    Tobiah (Tob, Toby)
    Tobias (Tob, Tobs, Toby)
    Zephyr (Zeff)

    I think Anders totally works for Alsander, but you are going to get the inevitable Al in there. Something to think about if you really don't like it.

    Also, as someone with a name that doesn't have any obvious nicknames, I love it. My name is Erica, and I get the occasional Eri (airy), Ric or Ricki, but most nicknames I've had have been more personal, not just a shortened version of my name. I love nicknames, but personally I very rarely call people by the short form of their name. My brother is Christopher, never Chris (except when I'm being lovey with him and I call him Chrissy-pooh, or Pooh, as in Christopher Robin and Pooh). My boyfriend is Kevin, never Kev. I have two people in my life that I call Tom (for Thomas) and Calli (for Callista) and that's because they've never gone by anything else. Which is a shame, imo, but it's awkward to call them something else because their full name doesn't feel like their name. Anyway, that's my two cents about nicknames. Totally get where you're coming from, but don't say no to a wonderful name just because there's no nickname. A nickname will come once the personality develops. People call me Ed, Mouse, Magpie, Star and Larka, only two of which are offshoots of my given name. Good luck!
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    The first name that popped to mind is Lewis. I've always thought that about the name, but I was never able to put it into words - you did it perfectly haha.
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