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    Anna Augusta Jane????

    Since it may get lost in my last post , I would LOVE your opinions on this combo, please Anna Augusta Jane??? Man, am I LOVING this one, today!! The meaning is SO pretty too!!! Other option is of course, Caroline Augusta Jane. Thoughts???
    Thanks so much!!!!
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    Anna doesn't really excite me, but it's a perfectly respectable name, andI love the rest of the combo. The alliteration of Anna Augusta is very cute, without being cutesie or sing-songy.

    Prefer Caroline Augusta Jane, but if you love Anna Augusta Jane, go for it!

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    Anna Augusta Jane is really cute. I still prefer Caroline. Sorry.

    Anna is very pretty though.

    What about Annika, Anastasia, or Annabel nn Anna.

    Annabel Augusta Jane is super adorable.
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    I still prefer Caroline! I'm not loving how Anna and Augusta blend into each other. It sounds like Anagusta.
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    I really love it! I think I prefer Anna to Caroline. I do love Caroline, but not as much as Grace and Anna.

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