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    I think that some rules definitely matter more than others; don't name your baby Stinky Stinklestein for instance. (Parents do do this). But if you really love a name, and it isn't incredibly tasteless, stick to it.

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    I think it depends on the name not the rules. Some 2-2-2 names sound great and others don't.

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    I have tried to follow some naming rules when naming my son and in choosing a name for the next one (still ttc).
    However we frequently use double middle names in my family which may go against some name rules...
    My son's name is 2-2-2-4 and it works! In fact the four names I think sounds better in this case than using either middle alone.
    If we had a girl it would be 3-2-1-4
    If we have another boy it will likely be 2-1-2-4

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    Lots of babies/children I have cared for have had beautiful names and their parents did not seem to follow any particular naming "rules" as far as I could tell.
    I did nanny two toddler brothers (ages 2 & 3) a couple of years ago whose names were technically both "place names", although only one would be very obvious as a place name to anyone not living near my area (this family did not; in fact, they hailed from TX!). So, no bother, IMO!! Their names were: 2-2-1 & 2-1-1 and both sounded great. I am personally a 2-2-2 and have never had a problem with it; in fact, I think my name flows well. The whole number 'system' seems a tad too strict for my taste and I personally do not base my naming styles around it. "Themed" names I can understand avoiding when taken to a particular obvious extreme.
    I think my biggest 'rule' personally is to try not to use the same first name initial more than once (i.e., Miles & Moses, or Alina, Anna, & Abigail). I have worked with a few families who had 2 or more children with the same first initial, and labeling everything takes more time & effort, as does logging information, that is sort of a helpful 'rule' in my book!

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    Naming rules are not absolute. They're just parameters that generally work, IMO.

    Personally, I sometimes like first and middle name alliteration, but the names have to be just right to pull it off successfully. However, the other rules of letter/sound variation are important to me - last letter must differ, the last letter of first name and first letter of middle AND last name should not be the same, the first and last name should not start with the same letter (although mine does, and I LOVE my name, and the reason it was given to me - first name anyway).

    I think some first and middle names with the same number of syllables work - if the number of letters are different enough (i.e., a very short two syllable name like Eva paired with a long two-syllable name like Constance).
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