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    Your thoughts on breaking the naming "Rules"? PLEASE!!

    So anyone who hangs out on nameberry long enough knows the rules that most name-nerds tend to fall back on when choosing a favorite name for someone else or giving advice to someone with a different style than our own: contrasting syllable count (3-1-2, 2-3-1, 2-1-3, 4-3-2), letter/sound variation (separate similar sounds and letters, no alliterations, variant endings), nothing too theme heavy (don't double up nature, color, literary, heavily historical, place, or word names), gender clarity (at least one gender defining name in a set), and less so but still obvious from the polls and advice I see given: "freshness" over past popularity (Cassia > Christine, Sebastian > Stephan, Penelope > Patricia, Ezra > Eric).

    BUT what about the names you love that don't follow the rules for your last name?? Would you use a name you LOVE over one that follows "the rules"? Are some rules more breakable than others to you? DID YOU break any of these rules while naming? Do you have kids yet; did you follow the rules; are you happy with the name or names you ended up going with? Does your name follow "the rules" and how does that shape your naming plans? Please share!!

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