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    I think it's all relative and they are more guidelines than rules.

    My daughters name has a 2-2-2 patern and we thought about changing her middle name but in the end the love of the names and the meaning behind our choices trumped the rule.
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    This topic has been torturing me!!!

    I'm choosing a 3-1-3 combo. Since most of the time you use first and last only... that leaves me with only 3-3! AARRGH!

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    I think its more important that the parents love the name rather than focus on "rules" such as the syllable count. The names I currently love for future children breaks a nameberry "rule", but we love the names and they have a lot of meaning for us.

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    Thanks, everyone. I'm struggling with my short list for a boy due in October and I am so torn about a few of the names on my list that I really love but break some of the rules. My SO has approved the list and isn't at all worried about my rules because his name breaks them and he is no worse for the wear. I really appreciate the feedback. More is welcome!

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    There's that old additive of "learn the rules so you can break them" and I think this hold true nicely for names as well.
    I think it's helpful to fully understand the "rules" and why they are "rules" and make sense in many cases - once you know them in and out you can also break those rules sucessfully and not just end up with a hot-mess. If that makes sense. However, in the end naming your child something that you love is more important than anything else.
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