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Thread: Kodaline

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    I came here to post that it sounded like a combination of Codeine and Ketamine, and was amused to see so many others thought the same...a good name for a cold medicine, perhaps, but not for a person.
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    It sounds made up... don't like it. What's wrong with Caroline or Coraline?

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    If you are just trying to get to the nickname Kodi/Kody/Cody, maybe Candice, Cora D___ , Coralie D____....?
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    I really do not like it. Sorry.
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    Not a fan at all. It sounds horribly made up and I think of either Kodak or codeine. Not a very good association. Sorry!

    I do know a girl named Kodi, though, and I'm pretty sure that's her full name. If you want to use that, you could potentially pull that off by itself. Or something like Dakota nn Kota/Koti
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