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    Thank you all for your replies!

    If the only concern to Aikaterini is the AAA initials, Ariadne is not set in stone. There are a few other middles we like too.
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    I would go with Katerina!

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    Just go with Katerina!
    I am from Greece and I have my formal name Vassiliki on the birth certificate and I always hate it! I have to explain all the time that I go by Vasso or's just make the things more complicate when you live in a different country.I will doubt your daughter will ever go by Aikaterini

    Best wishes and the combo Katerina Ariande is wonderful!

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    I'm Greek Orthodox (though not Greek ethnically) and I know for sure that any form-- English, Greek, anything-- of a saint's name is perfectly acceptable in the Church as your daughter's baptismal name & Eucharist name. Unless your Greek-born husband truly plans on speaking Greek in the home, I think Aikaterini isn't necessary and might simply confuse your daughter.

    I think too your given name, Evangelia, is different-- "Evie" is a recognized English nickname from Evangeline or Evangelia, and it's a logical conclusion for most Americans to make that perhaps "Evie" isn't your full name. However, calling your daughter a long, formal (beautiful) name like Katerina but having her legally be Aikaterini would be more confusing and lead to more social/bureaucratic snafus, I would think.
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    I do think the Aikaterini / Katerina connection would be confusing to explain in America: difficult, but not impossible. If you used Aikaterina and called her "Kate" or "Katie" it would be easier perhaps...

    I think it's perfectly logical to use Katerina as an "English" form of Aikaterin and put it on the birth certificate as it is — in fact, even if you were naming her Katherine or Katrina or Katelyn you would still be honouring the grandmother: your daughter an English speeker, it's logical for her to have an English name. If you baptize her in the Orthodox Church she would be Aikaterini "religiously", and she could always adopt Aikaterini if she was to become a Greek citizen.
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