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    Go with Katerina Ariadne! Katerina is so beautiful. I have a point you may not have thought of. In highschool/university there are yearbooks and they use your official name there. So I know a girl (not sure of her background) who calls herself Sasha and signed her name as Sasha as head of our yearbook. However, in the graduates section, her name is Alexandria. I also know a Jewish girl named Rebecca, but who goes by Remi. When people see her yearbook, everyone's shocked that her name is really Rebecca. Name your daughter what you want her to be called. Katerina is a beautiful name. The reason you go by Evangelia is because that's a beautiful name, and it is more acceptable to the american ear then Aikaterini. Also, Evie is a common nickname, so it's nice to have a professional sounding name. Katerina is a professional sounding name, she doesn't need the additional hassle of Aikaterini. And by going with just Katerina you can use Ariadne! A gorgeous mn. Katerina is also a personal favourite of mine, so pretty!
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    For what it's worth, if it is meaningful for you to put her full Greek name on her BC, and you do plan on her using it in certain realms of life, it would not be unheard of to have it on her BC.

    Where I'm from (and I live in the US) we all give our children Hebrew names (some more uncommon than others) and put that name on the BC. It's something that your daughter will get used to, and when asked about it will have a good, substantive story to tell.

    In general I'm not one to take religious traditions of naming lightly, so I'm sure that also taints my opinion on something like this.
    I actually really respect this. Here's the thing: We are not super religious ourselves, and the religious aspect of the name is not highly meaningful to us. The heritage aspect is more important to us, personally. I agree that it is an important story to tell, but for our family, I'm wondering if it's worth it.

    I'm glad you brought up the Hebrew name tradition! I was going to make the analogy earlier, but I didn't want to be inadvertently offensive or ignorant.

    Waverly, thanks for the compliments on the name!
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    Having read the thread, I think I've changed my mind — since you are *actually* Greek, I really encourage you to have Aikaterini in all the legal documents and call her Katerina.

    Like people have said, many Americans go by names that aren't on the birth certificate (John/Jack, Alexander/Sasha, Mary Margaret/Meg, Giuseppe/Joe); I wonder if it would be more complicated if she ever moved to Greece and was only a "Katerina" legally (in many European countries having "nicknames" as official names is frowned upon).

    I feel Aikaterini is much more interesting and distinguished — and it gives her more options!
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    I would put Katerina on the birth certificate! Good luck

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