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Thread: Kit

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    The American Girl is called Kit because her last name is Kitridge. It's most definitely not a nickname for Margaret.
    Kit is used as a nickname for Christopher for boys, so I think any Catherine or Christopher derived name would work (Caitlin, Christina, Katrina, Kristen, etc.)

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    Hmmm yah I'm not really a fan of any of those names :/ I love clementine! But hubby def would never go for that! Any other ideas? And some boys suggestions beyond Christopher?

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    I have a friend whose daughter's full first name is Kit. Honestly, I used to prefer it on a boy, but I think it's quite stunning on a girl.
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    I'm not super fond of it on a boy, but I absolutely love Kit as a full first name on a girl.
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    Maybe you could use Kitt as a first name? I commented also in your other thread but just realized that Kitt Keturah would be quite cool IMO

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