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    In a former thread i was considering the name Keturah. But decided it was too close to our other name- Cora. But I really loved the idea of the nickname kit! Our other girls names we have on the list are Cora Lucille and Ivy Louisa and I think kit fits right in! Not sure if hubby will go for just kit though! Boys list is as follows-

    Merrick Thomas
    Liam Parker
    Rhett Maverick
    Flynn Ignatius

    Catherine is a huge name in my family so part of me says it would be nice to use it but I just cringe when I hear it! And even if we called her kit, I just don't think I could do it! So I was wondering if there were any options to get to Kit! Any at all, even if its a little but of a Stretch! And middle name ideas are welcome too

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