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    Narrowing down names for Baby Boy!


    We're not sharing our names with family and friends until birth, but I'm 30 weeks and I'm starting to get a little anxious about not having any second opinions.

    Our last name is Ferro, we live in the USA, and we haven't discussed middle names yet.

    These names have a heritage leaning toward UK/Ireland, and a couple also have sentimental family value, which I have noted.

    1. Lachlan (or Lochlan, nickname Lach or Loch) (This name is similar to my father's name, who often goes by Loch)
    2. Liam (the name would be William, shortened to Liam)
    3. Jack
    4. Keith (my grandfather's name - he recently passed, and he is much missed in our family)

    What do you think? I'd really appreciate any feedback.

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