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    Which order sounds better?

    I *think* we are pretty close to choosing a name for our baby boy. My top name is Sage and hubby likes Julian but we can't decide which order sounds best... Sage Julian or Julian Sage. The other dilemma is that no matter which order we choose I really want him to go by "Sage" but of course hubby begs to differ.

    So what do you think of the order of the names AND which name do you prefer in terms of what he would mainly go by?? Thank you!
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    I prefer the name Julian so I think the Julian Sage combo sounds better. The "g" and "j" in Sage Julian aren't ideal for flow.
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    Julian Sage sounds better.
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    I prefer the order of Julian Sage, but if your going to call him Sage anyway, then I would put that first. My husbands parents started calling him by his middle as a baby, so that became the name he goes by and he has always hated that the name he uses isn't his legal first name and never understood why they didn't just make his first his middle and his middle his first at birth!

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