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    MTV is saying it's Kaidence Donda West.
    Baby girl K.A.
    Born September 2013

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    Kai Georgia Donda- I think each of those names has such a different vibe from the others. Kai is along the lines of what I expected. I like that it's a bit stolen-from-the-boys, but it's not super masculine. Georgia is very well matched with cousin Penelope, very un-Kardassian in my limited knowledge of their style. I think it's a little softer, less-structured, not at all glitzy & sparkly, more bookish, old fashioned...not at all what I imagined. Donda is a nice family touch, it actually unifies Kai & Georgia for me in a way. Donda manages to be an honor name, have a rhythmic flow that matches well with Kai imo but have a softer old fashioned sound like Georgia.

    Maybe they'll call her Georgia. Maybe the first name Kai is cause they felt like they just had to use a K name?

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    Kai = Boys Name.

    Georgia - I hate this name.

    Donda - What?

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    North West. The fact her name is a compass direction makes me sad.

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