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    Kai Georgia Donda West?

    This name is rumoured to be baby West/Kardashians name. What is your opinion?
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    Fairly par for the course of what I was expecting, I guess. A little sad they threw Georgia in there, as it will probably have the same effect using Penelope did. And Georgia is already getting too popular for my taste! Don't know how I feel about Kai on a girl....
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    I don't mind Kai for a girl though I prefer it in the middle. I like Georgia fine as a name. I hate donda but I understand its a family name. However, this combination doesn't flow at all. Very choppy and awkward. I hope this isn't truly the name.

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    I'm just really hoping it's this and not Klementine Star. Kai isn't my style but pretty much the best I think we can hope for from them: it's a real name, is actually supposed to start with a K, gives the child more career options than just a porn star, etc.
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    I think its a horrible combination. Kai, to me, is more suited for a boy. I think Kaia would be better for a girl. Dislike Georgia and Donda, but I respect the reason to use Donda. If they name their daughter Kai, I'd be very surprised. It doesn't seem at all like a name Kim would use for a girl. I can see Karma, Kadence or Kleo being used.
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