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Thread: Naming help?

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    Naming help?

    So I have less than two months before I have to decide on a name for this little girl and right now I have a couple of names that I really love, but I can't decide between them, so I'm asking for some help I have a pretty unusual naming style, I'm told, but I've never really seen it like that. I just like different, unique names.

    Annabella Odette - Annabella is after my mother and my dad's mother, named Anna and Isobel. I wasn't sure when it was first suggested to me, but it's growing on me now. And Odette was always my favourite princess when I was a kid, and it's a gorgeous name.
    Tatiana Allifair - My current favourite. She'd be nicknamed Tian, most likely. Allifair is a name I recently found on this site and I fell in love with it instantly but it's too much for a first name, I think.

    And the name I'm trying to convince the man to like is Frances Phillipa. He dislikes both names and says they're too 'manly', but I don't see a problem with that, plus my grandaddy was Frances (spelled that way, yes) and I'd love to honor him with her name.


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    All three names are very pretty! I wouldn't consider any of these names too out there except for Allifair- they hit a nice sweet spot of being familiar but rarely used.

    Annabella Odette- Beautiful, feminine, frilly but not flimsy. Annabelle Odette flows a bit better, you don't have the vowel sounds running into each other. The family and princess connections are both special.

    Tatiana Allifair- not ideal flow with the As back to back, but I love the magical, fairytale vibe of this combo. Like a name for a storybook princess, but also totally wearable on a regular girl. Quite feminine and flouncy, but not overly so.

    Frances Philippa (I'm guessing Phillipa is a typo? Philippa is the most common spelling)- stronger and bolder than your other names, yes. vintage-chic and snappy. Frances/Francis is unisex and Philippa is a feminization of a male name so I can see why, though it's definitely feminine, your husband would find it too manly. What about Francesca rather than Frances?
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    No babies anytime soon... Just planning ahead (VERY far ahead)

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    Annabella is nice. I like that it has nn options built in for your child to choose down the road, but Annabella at it is is beautiful. I'm not as excited about the other name choices. I kind of agree with your husband's take on them. My favorite male doctor is frances, so I personally think male.

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    Annabella Odette is my favorite.

    I love Allifair in the middle spot. It's unusual but appealing somehow. Tatiana is not my style at all.

    Frances Phillipa -- I kinda have to agree with your husband on this combo. One or the other, but together it's very male centric: one of the very original unisex names paired with a strong and uncommon feminization. Would you consider Francine Phillipa?

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