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    French 'Ana' Names?

    Hi there!

    I'm super excited to be a part of Nameberry! I've taken a look at the site here and there but since we're having a bit of a naming dilemma, I thought it would be a good time to join in the fun!

    Anyway, back on topic..NAMES! My SO and I are trying to find that perfect name for our baby girl which is hard. I am head-over-heels in LOVE with the name 'Ana' (ON-uh rather than Ann-uh) however my SO is dead-set on a French name to honor family heritage. I'm totally up for the idea but I am trying to find one where we could use 'Ana' as a nickname; but haven't been coming up with anything I'm loving

    Do you have any ideas? I came across 'Arianne' though I'm not sure if it's French or not and I'm worried about the "Ann" rather than "On. I also want to make sure the name is pronounceable in English since we live in the United States. I'm also open to other French names that don't have 'Ana' as a nickname (I would just really love it if I could find one). If it helps, last name is pronounced jur-roo (jur pronounced like 'jury')

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    I would recommend Anais (it's french and contains "Ana") Congratulations!

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    Liana springs to mind. It's French, and it contains the sound you're looking for.

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    lillian85- I had considered Anais but I was worried that it may be mispronounced? And then there was the whole "do we use the accents/dots above the I or would that complicate things more?" so it's on a "maybe" list for me currently!

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    I used the NB search and came up with these French Ana names:

    Liana (maybe you could reverse it to Ana-Li, Ahna-Lee)

    These are a few more options:
    Anette (Annette)
    Marianne (Mariana?)

    French names that you could use for nn Ana:
    Anna-Marie (Ana-Marie)

    I am not sure if Andula is French or not, but Ana could be used as a nn.

    Oceane is French, perhaps Oceana would work.
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