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  • Kieran Robert

    11 13.58%
  • Callum Robert

    31 38.27%
  • Kellen/Kellan Robert

    10 12.35%
  • Rhys Robert

    15 18.52%
  • Lochlan Robert

    7 8.64%
  • Kian Robert

    7 8.64%
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    I voted for Rhys too. Since you suggested it, I avoided the Ns. But I actually thought it might be just as hard to pronounce Callum, with emphasis on the final M, and then transition to all the Ns. I just couldn't get Callum Van Den ... out of my mouth, without feeling like I was forcing the M. Like the previous poster, I like the monosyllable Rhys with such a long last name.

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    I'm not a big fan of the alliteration in Rhys Robert... Callum just doesn't seem to go with Van Den. I went for Kian, just because I get the feeling your surname is long, so it would be nice to have a short first name to balance it out a bit...
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    @wolv: hm... that's really interesting about the end of Callum followed by the van den.... not something that had occurred to me but I totally see how you're right about it. Ugh! It's really frustrating when you have such a tough last name to match!

    @tfzolghadr: I worry about the alliteration with Rhys Robert too - but I do think it's a nice flow with the last name. And you're absolutely right, I think a shorter, simpler first name is the way to go since we always have to spell out our last name and tell people how to say it!

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    I like your names, but I'm going to suggest some others. I think your last name has such awesome heft that it wants a very strong, masculine, and possibly Dutch-ish first name. These make me think of smart, rugged, worldly men with wristwatches and heavy fishermen's sweaters:

    Klaas Robert V..... or Claes (less Dutch, but I love this spelling) Pronounced "Clows." Kind of in between Rhys and Kian.
    Kaspar Robert V.....
    Simon Robert V....
    Andreas Robert V....

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    I voted for Callum - at least the "m" would break up the abundance of n's in your surname.
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