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    Spencer as a middle name?

    We are stuck! Both of us have lists for babe's name but can't agree on anything. We had decided on Grace as a middle name but for many reasons I have changed my mind.

    It popped into my head yesterday to use Spencer as a middle name. Spencer was my grandfather who was the MOST wonderful man in the world and I miss him more than anything. He never got to meet our oldest, I would have given the world for that. If we were having a boy it would be no doubt his name.

    So what do you think?

    Adelyn Cate is big sister (her middle name is a family name as well) and if you were choosing what would be your picks with Spencer as a mn for this little girl?


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    I had a family surname (which is also a common boy's name) as my middle and it never bothered me. I liked the family connection. However, most of my family and many of my friends also had middle names that were family surnames. I say go for it but be sure to use a clearly feminine first name - examples:

    Juliet Spencer
    Gabrielle Spencer
    Penelope Spencer
    Charlotte Spencer

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    My first name is a family surname and that has always had great meaning to me. I think Spencer would make a sleek choice in the mn spot. For the sake of flow I tend to like 3 or 4 syllable names without accents on S or N sounds. Here are some ideas:

    Antonia Spencer
    Cordelia/Cora Spencer
    Daphne Spencer
    Eliza Spencer
    Eliora Spencer
    Evangeline Spencer
    Eve Spencer
    Genevieve Spencer
    Isla Spencer
    Ivy Spencer
    Julia Spencer
    Jane Spencer
    Juliet Spencer
    Lorelei Spencer
    Mirabel Spencer
    Miriam Spencer
    Violet Spencer
    Vivian Spencer
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    If you wanted to honor a family member named Mary and were having a son, would you name him Spencer Mary? I'm guessing not. Spencer is a boy's name. Use it for a boy. Don't waste it on a middle for the wrong gender.
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