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    I love Ivy but feel Grace is too common next to it.

    Grace, Early 20's and Bride-to-Be...Dreaming of Future Babies.

    Lucy Primrose, Alice Juliette, Rose Charlotte, Madeline Sophie, Lillian Faye, Ivy Elena, Amélie Winter.
    Mae Seraphina nn Maisy, Phoebe Luna, Annabella Violet, Kate Susannah.
    Noah Samuel, Rory Joshua, Luca Gabriel, Isaac Beau, Louis Daniel, Henry Rowan, William Elliott, Roman Alexander.

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    Ivy Grace is a beautiful combination. Grace isn't as common as Lynn was--at least, as best I can tell--so it won't be quite as easy to pin down as an Amy-Lynn.

    Normally, to be perfectly honest, I don't like Grace in the middle slot. But the sounds of Ivy Grace together, as well as the shape of the name written down, are really striking. I think it's a fantastic combination.

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    I really love Ivy! It is sweet and feminine. I love Grace, but Grace in the middle is a bit predictable. It never crossed my mind to associate it with Beyoncé. If you are going for a double name, how about:

    Ivy Jane
    Ivy Mae
    Ivy Kate
    Ivy Lane

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    Oh! Ivy Jane is so pretty! I really like that! Grace has significant religious meaning to me, so I do love the name. Ivy Grace makes me think of, John 15:5 which I think is so beautiful.....
    ~ "How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers."~ Mother Teresa

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    Ivy Jane and Ivy Grace are beautiful combos!

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