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    Not sure that is that huge of a deal, though
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    Love it

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    Hm.... for me, Ivy strikes me as very 90's! But I'm not exactly sure why... except for that terrible movie Poison Ivy (think it was Drew Barrymore??). And I agree with all the pp's that Grace, as beautiful and simple and classic as it is, has become just an overly-used placeholder these days. It goes with just about everything so people use it all the time. But if it has personal significance/meaning to you, go for it. The two together flow nicely though I would do it without the hyphen! Some people will think of Blue Ivy and some won't, depends on who you're talking to I think...

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    I think of Ivy as vintage, it may be in the spotlight atm due to Beyonce's baby but I don't think that will corrupt it, though I'm sure there will be a rise in popularity. I wold prefer to see something more exciting in the mn spot, as pp's have mentioned Grace is the new Lynn or Marie, also known as a "filler middle" and that could date it to this time. Other than that it's a very sweet name.

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    Ivy Grace as a double name is beautiful. I love Ivy, to me it is vintage and charming. I honestly don't think of Beyonce's daughter at all, after all it's her middle name, not her first. Since you aren't naming her Blue Ivy, I doubt many people would see the connection (I mean maybe a few, but not everybody).

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