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    My dog's name is Milo and we call him Miles all the time. I absolutely think it works! And it's a wonderful name (both of them!)

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    Definitely! It's actually one of my top names.
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    No! What? Why?
    Why not just name him Milo? I like formal names and nicknames but this seems ridiculous to me. Especially since Miles is one syllable and Milo is two.
    Milo has classical Latin (as in Ancient Rome) origins versus Miles which is Irish.
    It's nicknaming Emily Emma or Emma Emily. Why?
    (I never heard of anyone doing this before).

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    I agree, Milo has more syllables than Miles so it would be kind of bizarre to use it as a nickname. Im not too keen on choosing a name just for a nn though anyway...I always just say name them what you'll call them, makes much more sense. If you like Milo go for it!

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    Ruth becomes Ruthie. Ann/Anne becomes Annie. Grace is Gracie. George is sometimes Georgie. How is Milo as a nickname for Miles any different?

    I prefer Milo to Miles but Miles called Milo works really well.
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