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    I prefer the Rosaline spelling, and while I would pronounce it Ros-u-leen, I think most people would pronounce it Rose-a-line, so I think you are safe with the Rosaline spelling, by the way, this name is very pretty, great taste!

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    I like Rosaline pron. ROZ-a-line, because that's how it sounds in my head when I read the name in Romeo and Juliet.

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    @brigid16- That's why I wonder if most people would pronounce it ROZ-lyn or ROZ-uh-line like in Shakespeare or if maybe they assume a different pronunciation? I also kind of feel like because it's a Shakespearean name, is it awful to change the way it was 'intended' to be said?

    @kashed22- Rosalie is very pretty, just way too overexposed now because of Twilight.
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    I like Roseline and immediately prn it Rose a line! I love Rosalind but would love it better if it were prn Rose a lynd. Oh well.

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    Ros-uh-line is actually the original and correct pronunciation and is how I say the name, I asked the same question on here before since a character in my current book is named Rosaline.

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