View Poll Results: Which of these is your favorite?

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  • Amelia Joelle

    23 23.96%
  • Corinne Joelle

    4 4.17%
  • Kaia Joelle

    3 3.13%
  • Leighton Amelia

    8 8.33%
  • Marin Amelia

    13 13.54%
  • Lieve Joelle (lee-vuh)

    9 9.38%
  • Morgan Joelle

    1 1.04%
  • Carys Amelia

    35 36.46%
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    Which is your FAVORITE?

    Which of these is your favorite?

    Hubby and I are working, working, working on our name lists. But every time we knock a name off, we find another to replace it - so it feels like we're not making any progress! All votes are very appreciated, thank you so much 'Berries!
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    I am very torn between a few:

    Corinne Joelle
    Kaia Joelle
    Marin Amelia
    Lieve Joelle
    Carys Amelia

    In the end I picked Lieve Joelle however. I like the sound of it and that it is something I haven't heard before.
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    I voted for Corinne. It's my favorite of the names in the poll and deserves to be used more often. I like it with Joelle.

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    Lieve Joelle is beautiful.
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    Amelia Joelle, Marin Amelia, and Carys Amelia are my favorites - beautiful flow and sound.

    Lieve is very pretty, but it feels too much like an endearment to me. Kaia, Leighton, and Morgan aren't really my style, but they all sound fine with Joelle in the middle. I love Corinne, but Corinne Joelle is very choppy to my ears.

    I voted for Amelia Joelle, as it seems as though both these names are very meaningful to you.
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