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  • Amelia Joelle

    23 23.96%
  • Corinne Joelle

    4 4.17%
  • Kaia Joelle

    3 3.13%
  • Leighton Amelia

    8 8.33%
  • Marin Amelia

    13 13.54%
  • Lieve Joelle (lee-vuh)

    9 9.38%
  • Morgan Joelle

    1 1.04%
  • Carys Amelia

    35 36.46%
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    Definitely Carys Amelia for me! Second choice would be Marin Amelia, third choice would be Amelia Joelle. They're all lovely.

    Leighton and Morgan are NMS, but I do like Kaia, just not as much as the other names. I agree that Corinne Joelle sounds a bit choppy.

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    I voted for Leighton Amelia.

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    My thought process:

    Amelia Joelle - too "l" heavy
    Corinne Joelle - Okay, but something feels off...too much passivity? (inne and elle are very passive-sounding endings) It's fine if you like passivity, though.
    Kaia Joelle - Something is off here...maybe it's the syllables?
    Leighton Amelia - never been a fan of "on" names on girls.
    Marin Amelia - not bad if you like more masculine names, but again, that in/on sound is too masculine for me.
    Lieve Joelle (lee-vuh) - I would say Leev Joelle, which sounds quite insulting. Lieva might be better, but like Amelia, it's quite l-heavy.
    Morgan Joelle - prefer Marin Amelia if you're going to sound masculine - it's less common than Morgan and softer.
    Carys Amelia - you know, I've never liked the name Carys, but this combo is beautiful! It flows well, isn't common, and isn't repetitive. And Carys seems to be in your style: somewhat masculine-sounding (like Morgan and Leighton), with a strong sounding part (Car-, similar to Mor- or -ton) and a softer sounding part (-ys, similar to -gan and leigh-.)

    So my vote goes for Carys Amelia.
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    Wow, thanks so much for all the feedback! I have to say I'm really surprised to see that Carys Amelia is winning (by a longshot)! That one has just kind of been hanging on for us but we haven't really given it too much attention. But you're all correct, it does have a very pretty flow. Works well with our very Dutch (and very long, hard sounding) last name. Thanks so much!

    PS. A couple of you have said that you like Corinne but aren't crazy about Corinne Joelle. So I'm wondering if Corinne Amelia is a better option? Or if not, what middle name would you put with Corinne? Again, for us it should be kind of simple since we have a long, difficult last name (not necessarily one syllable though, just nothing too out there).

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    My favorite would be Corinne Amelia. That is the most lovely. I voted for Carys Amelia though.
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