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    Emmeline is too close to Millie imho. Margaret, Elinor and Violet are all great choices with Amelia. If you're concerned with rising popularity, I'd be wary of Violet, it's jumped about 500 spots to #89 in the last 10 or so years according to the SSA list. Elinor/Eleanor is becoming more popular as well, especially with so many El names becoming a trend. Margaret, though, is as classic as it gets and has an abundance of nn's to customize to your tastes (Millie and Daisy would be adorable!). Despite the popularity issues I love your list and Camilla and Mae are beautiful mn choices,

    Margaret Camilla
    Margaret Mae (a bit quirky but I like the alliteration)
    Elinor Mae
    Violet Mae
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    I love Margaret and Violet with Amelia/ Millie and I think Emmeline is way too close.
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    I like Elinor with Amelia, and I think Millie and Nora are adorable nicknames!

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    I am in agreement with the many Berry folk pointing out that, other than Violet, your beautiful names, or their nns, are very similar to the lovely Amelia, and I think all sisters need their own special sound! That makes
    Violet Mae
    my favorite! Best of luck!

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