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    Amelia, nn Millie is charming.

    My take on your list:

    Emmeline....seems entirely too similar to Amelia to me. Nn Mellie only one vowel away from Millie; Em/Emma/Emmy are too related to the very popular Emma.

    Margaret...fits stylistically. Millie and Maggie are cute, but I'm not personally one for alliteration.

    Elinor....still seems a bit close to Amelia...that 'eli' sound...but not as much as Emmeline. I think Millie and Ellie are too close in sound, but Millie and Nora are cute together.

    Violet....Amelia and Violet are probably my favorite of your possible sibsets. However Violet is becoming very popular. I dislike Vi as a nickname; Lettie again seems too similar to Millie.

    Mae would be my choice for a mn; again, Camilla is too close to Millie.

    Have you considered:

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    What about Margaret Camilla? Millie and Maggie would be BEYOND precious! I have a niece named Maggie and her name is a hit with everyone. BTW, I LOVE Millie! I've been trying to persuade DH to use it, but haven't found a way to do it yet.
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    I would not use Camilla as the middle name since Amelia goes by Millie. I also wouldn't use Emmeline, as that is close to Emilia, which is extremely close to Amelia.

    My favorite with Amelia is Violet Mae followed by Elinor Mae.
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    You must still be very happy with your first daughter's name, because your biggest problem here is that there's too much overlap! I'll join with the others to say that Emmeline is waaay close to Amelia. Also, that Camilla is awfully close to Millie. Elinor might be on the line, but I think the sound for 'eli' in Elinor is very different than in Amelia, so it passes. Ellie is definitely too close to Millie for my tastes, though.

    I like Margaret, but Margaret Mae and Millie are a few too many Ms! With another mn Margeret is good. There are so many good nn options...unfortunately most start with Ms so you'd have to be okay with alliteration again.

    I think both Violet Mae and Elinor Mae fit with Amelia/Millie. I think I like Elinor Mae nn Nora the best, but Violet Mae is the most distinct overall from Amelia nn Millie.

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    Amelia is a of the first ones to become popular again.
    Emmeline is quite similar to Amelia, as I am sure every berry has pointed out...
    You should choose from Margaret, Elinor and Violet.
    Personally I am not a fan of Margaret or Elinor, so for me the choice is clear. Violet!
    However, Margaret has lots of nn potential. Meg is my fave, but there is Mags, Maggie, Margie, Madge, Maisie, Daisy, Peg, Peggy, Rita
    Some of them may be too matchy with Millie...
    Elinor could get Ellie and that is too close to Millie. I would say take away Elinor too.
    This still leads me to think that Violet is the best match.
    All of the names you like have the potential of becoming quite popular though.
    So if you are open to are some that you might like:
    Magdalena, Magdalen(e)
    Greta, Gretel
    Helen, Helena
    Rosalind, Rosalie, Rosemary, Rose

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