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    Laelia - why not Layla?
    Moira - another favorite! Versatile and Irish.
    Moriah - I get the Mount Moriah reference, and it sounds pretty besides
    Finula - "fin" seems masculine to me
    Maurya - is this different from Moira? It's more ghetto?
    Ophelia - eh. Not a fan.
    Lark - slowly coming around to this name. I could see it work.
    Anaelle - way too smooshed.
    Laia - I like this one for no reason other than it's phonetically pretty
    Aloisa - prefer Eloisa and Ellie to Allie
    Aviva - Vive la France! or Viva l'Italia? Take your pick, I'd stay away from naming my daughter a rallying cry.
    Alina - pretty, though I'm still not a fan of Al/Allie
    Hadley - I've "had" enough of this name
    Hadassah - like Manasseh? Wasn't he evil?
    Raisa - see Raiza
    India - I like this one, but not enough to bold it. The country is too stigmatized for me.
    Malena - I think of malpractice
    Melaina - prefer Melanie.
    Delaina - why not Delaney? (I prefer "ee" to "a" I guess)
    Irie - eerie
    Henriette - where's the last a?
    Henrietta - ah, there it is! A full and complete feminization that is cute and underused
    Stella - I think of a trendy, snooty, shopper type
    Celia - I like this (though celiac is a drawback)
    Aya - might as well name her aaa. (in other words, no substance)
    Pearl - I like this one - it's underused.
    Ayelet - eye-lette? As in little eye?
    Adalina - Why not Adeline? Still, it's pretty all the same
    Elka - moose
    Thessaly - I've really come to love this name - it's soft and unique
    Lavinia - Isn't "lav" a slang for bathroom?
    Zenaida - see Zada
    Cassia - I like this one, especially with the nn Cassie.
    Zara - I like this one too, if you really want to use a z name, this seems most wearable.
    Zaria - prefer Zara
    Olea - sounds like it's missing some consanants
    Saskia - sounds Russian, in which case, is it masculine?
    Alaia - Alaya might make it look better, but pretty all the same
    Manet - man-ay? Why not moan-ay? (not a big fan of these)
    Brisa - It doesn't sound bad, but I still don't like "b"
    Britta - for some reason, I like this better than Brisa; too bad it's a water purification company
    Hea - looks like someone chopped off the latter part of Heather
    Saoirse - not my favorite Irish name, but it's Irish, so I'll give it that.
    Caoimhe - Really starting to like this out, but like Aoife, pronunciation outside Ireland will be a nightmare
    Genevieve - not a big fan of "jen"
    Georgiana - as long as it's pronounced jor-jee-ah-na, I love it!
    Poe - do you want her to be depressed and a maniac?
    Lillia - pretty, but I prefer Lilibeth
    Aveline - prefer Adalina.
    Arletta - "ar" still makes me think of Arwin
    Clementine - so long as it's clem-en-teen. Clem-en-tyne is an orange.
    Roisin - My absolute favorite name of all time! It's feminine without being overly princess-y, it's uncommon (in the states), it's rose-related and it's Irish to boot!
    Ailsa - so you're going to name your daughter "ail"sa instead? As in ailment?
    Coral - prefer Cora (not the biggest word name fan)
    Paloma - ommmmmmm
    Jessa - not bad. I would prefer Jessica phonetically if it wasn't so popular
    Delphine - okay...but something about "dell" just throws me off. Like, "the farmer in the dell, the farmer in the dell, hi-ho the merry-o the farmer in the dell."
    Bidelia - as in Amelia Bedelia?
    Beatrice - I like this one, for no reason other than it's a vintage name
    Indra - sounds like you are trying desperately to get a name out of Indiana Jones.
    Lilias - still prefer Lilibeth
    Alouette - Alouette, gentille alouette, Alouette, je te plumerai! (lark, nice lark, lark, I will pluck you - a French-Canadian song to get kids to learn their body parts)
    Isadora - ah, here it is!
    Meissa - did you forget the "l"?
    Ilaria - sounds made up
    Greta - I've been liking this lately, but mostly as a nn to Margaret.
    Atley - I know this is a company somewhere
    Carys Marcheline - not a fan of either, and the combo sounds squishy
    Coralei - prefer Coralie, since everyone else will mispronounce it as Coralie anyway
    Elora Kate - not bad as a combo
    Irey - eye-ray? That sounds like a cool gadget.
    Ivy Juliet - both very pretty, but I think Juliet Ivy flows better
    Jora - definitely missing something. Jordana?
    Gloria - in excelsis Deo, Gloooooooooooooooooria!
    Promise - promise me you won't do this, okay?
    Madigan - now she's mad, and a masculine "igan"
    Flannery - sounds like a combination between flattery and flannel

    Hope that helped!
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    Names that have meaning:

    Inez(a family name)
    Henrietta(Henri is my father)
    Sylvia(Great aunt)
    Genevieve(Grand mother_
    Maren/Mauren(Form of Marie & love the Scotish way but It's spelled Murron)
    Hadassah(Esthers Hebrew name from the Bible)
    Jora(Jordan is my brothers name)
    Married my bestfriend 5/11
    Angel Baby Riley Bean 8/13
    Mama to Murron Lydia Genevieve 10/20

    Solomon Jace
    Friedan Henri
    Sullivan Wilde
    Francis Hart
    Phelan Wallace
    Caedmon Wolfe
    Emerich Frost
    Willem Rupert Charles
    Nashua Hartley

    Agatha Helena Pearl
    Cordelia Henrietta Lucille
    Hadassah Francine
    Livia Pearl
    Enid Sylvia Inez/ Gertrude
    Florence Adele
    Agnes Linnea Frances
    Avia Liora Ruth
    Imogen Allegra Edith
    Junia Edith
    Cleora Josephine Helen

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    Wow, that is one long list!

    I like: Sarai, Zadie, Paige, Alivia, Ramona, Keziah, Maisie, Moira, Moriah, Lark, Adalina (sorta like this one), Thessaly (LOVE), Lavinia (LOVE), Cassia, Zara/Zaria, Britta, Genevieve (love), Aveline, Coral, Beatrice, Isadora, Greta, Carys, Kate, Ivy Juliet

    I think these are okay: Bernadette, Nicola, Isabeau, Nessa, Astrid, Keturah, Marcheline, Zada, Freya, Eliora, Julietta, Mirin/Maren (but I prefer Marin), Rosaleen (prefer Rosaline), Daisy, Magdalen, Noelia (though I love Noelle), Madeleine, Merrigan (I'm not sure about this one, I sorta like it but I've never heard it, so I don't know), Celestia, Amaryllis, Athalia, Margaux (prefer Margot), Arwen, Sylvia, Dorothy, Imogen, Ophelia, Alina, Stella, Celia, Pearl, Ayelet (this is one of those that I love the sound of even though I find it slightly ridiculous), Lillia, Clementine, Jessa (meh), Jora, Gloria (I really like Glory though), Flannery

    I don't like these: Thisbe, Aeliana, Kennedy, Jensine, Drea, Tamar, Isaline, Inessa, Frances, Viviette, Beryl, Yesenia, Cambrie, Arava, Suki (I don't mind it as a nn), Evony, Eugenia, Niamh (I just can't stand that it isn't pronounced like it looks), Haidee, Neela, Alexane, Nydia, Maeva, Aster (mixed about this, it's a pretty sound, but I wouldn't ever use it), Manon (the god of money?), Cantrelle, Campbell, Peri, Embeth, Jessamy, Eda, Azure (I don't mind it as a middle name), Virginia, Amedea, Hilaria, Frederica, Sadira, Lilibeth (too cutesy as a full name), Chandler, Ailis (looks like alias), Henna (okay as a nn), Seeley (mattress), Neely, Senga, Delyth, Eira, Enid, Aoife, Zohara, Leocadia, Cleora, Mahalia, Keighley, Xia, Angelia, Tresa, Bellatrix (I love Beatrix but this is too Harry Potter for me), Atarah, Neva, Medrie, Raiza/Raisa, Lileas, Isa, Madeira (wine), Morwenna, Elara, Havana, Inez, Kairi, Laelia, Finula, Maurya, Anaelle (looks like Anabelle spelled wrong), Laia, Aloisa, Aviva, Hadley, Hadassah, India, Malena, Melaina, Delaina, Irie, Henriette/Henrietta, Aya, Elka (and Moosa?), Zenaida, Olea, Saskia, Alaia, Manet, Brisa, Hea, Saoirse, Caoimhe, Georgiana (just have never liked this one), Poe, Arletta, Roisin, Ailsa, Elsa, Paloma, Delphine, Bidelia, Indra (I like Indira though), Lilias, Alouette, Meissa, Ilaria, Mirin, Atley, Coralei (is this spelled right?), Elora, Irey, Promise, Madigan
    Top Names: Benedict Calvin & Noelle Geneva
    Olivia/Livy : Darah/Bethel : Eve/Verity
    Eli/Solomon : Luke/Zane: Levi/Phineas
    Due in January!

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    These are the ones I like/love

    Isabeau- Gorgeous name!
    Kennedy- I've always liked this name, because it is versatile and can fit any personality.
    Evony- Unique and fresh
    Freya- Beautiful and simple
    Aster LOVE!
    Jessamy- Super cool
    Madeleine- so pretty and feminine
    Ramona- I probably only like this because of Avril Lavigne. (Her middle name is Ramona)
    Bellatrix- cool, warrior name
    Celestia- classy, mysterious, unique
    Sylvia- I just plain like it
    Maisie- adorable, but idk if i can see it on a grown woman
    Ophelia- nice Shakespeare connection
    Lark- super cool nature name
    Hadley- nice and classic
    Celia- From The Color Purple. (Never read the book though )
    Adalina- sophisticated and feminine with a possible nn Ada
    Cassia- Like Cassia from the 5th Wave
    Genevieve- This overjoys me to see that it is on your list!
    Beatrice- Keepin' it classic.
    Elora Kate- Love Elora, and Kate makes a great middle
    Ivy Juliet- can't get more perfect
    Flannery- Has always reminded me of a girl that sticks up for herself and what she believes in
    teen berry
    excuse my username

    Isla Juno - Elodie Clover - Genevieve Aisling- Juliet Sparrow
    Wolfgang Pascal - Evander Hugo - Jasper Fox - Theodore Blaise - Lucian Atlas

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