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    I know this is an old thread, but I just came across this reply post that I had drafted on a word document and I don't think I ever posted it....
    So, if I already posted it in response to another one of your threads, sorry for the repeat!

    Bernadette -- This name has a mysterious and charming quality to it, but I cannot really picture it on a baby or child.
    Sarai -- I LOVE this name. It sounds familiar yet exotic and has the cute nn option of Rai. Also, it is simple but beautiful which I think is a wonderful quality in a girls name. Really top-knotch!
    Thisbe -- Although I see the vintage appeal, this one just reminds me of a lisp.
    Aeliana -- Pretty sound, but a little too frilly and confusing with the spelling.
    Nicola -- I much prefer Nicole. This reminds me of soda. : /
    Isabeau -- Very pretty and rare. I love that it is similar to the popular Isabelle but stands out from the crowd.
    Briony -- Strong and beautiful. Mysterious. You might also like Bronte.
    Kennedy -- Too tied to the Kennedy family and JFK for me. How about Cassidy?
    Jensine -- Not my style
    Drea -- Cool, but in print it reminds me of "dread" or something. : /
    Tamar -- Lovely name but such bad/sad Biblical associations.
    Isaline -- Unfortunately, this reminds me of a name of some chemical.
    Inessa -- I prefer Nessa.
    Nessa -- Really fun and spunky name. More flare/uniqueness than Tessa.
    Astrid -- Some days I like it, some days I don't. It has some unfortunate teasing potential.
    Keturah -- Cool, but not my style.
    Frances -- Still too grandmother-ish for me.
    Viviette -- This one is fascinating! It sounds so bright and cheerful.
    Beryl -- Not appealing to me.
    Marcheline -- I always forget how to pronounce it, but its pretty.
    Yesenia -- This one is new to me. It sounds fresh and exotic.
    Cambrie -- Ooh, this one has a nice, friendly sound to it. I picture a very sweet girl with a ready smile.
    Zadie -- I prefer Sadie.
    Arava -- Is this pronounced AH-ra-va? If so, I really like it!
    Suki -- not my style
    Evony -- I'll have to think about this one. I kind of like it.
    Zada -- Not my style
    Eugenia -- See above
    Freya -- See above
    Niamh -- I love the sound of this name! I think the spelling may get too confusing though.
    Eliora -- I love this name! It has an amazing meaning and a rare, lovely sound.
    Haidee -- Do you like this b/c of The Count of Monte Cristo? I like it for the same reason, but would only use it as a middle name b/c I don't like how "Haidee's" sounds so much like "Hades" : (
    Neela -- not my style
    Julietta -- A little fanciful for me, though pretty
    Mirin -- This one is neat. Is it like Merrin?
    Alexane -- not my style
    Paige -- There is something very straight-forward and like-able about this name.
    Nydia -- Not quite sure what to make of this name. My brain wants it to be Lydia.
    Maeva -- Very pretty and strong.
    Aster -- See Astrid.
    Manon -- This one seems odd for a girl.
    Cantrelle -- Not my style
    Campbell -- Pretty, but reminds me too much of the soup brand.
    Peri -- This is cute and fun. Peridot nn Peri would be cool.
    Embeth -- This is hard to say.
    Jessamy -- Kind of fun. I like Jessamine/Jessamyn better
    Eda -- Not sure how to pronounce this
    Rosaleen -- Not my style
    Daisy -- I like this as a middle
    Alivia -- Nice, pretty.
    Azure -- Beautiful and rare!
    Magdalen -- Very pretty and rare sound.
    Virginia -- I really don't prefer this name as it reminds me of "virgin" etc.
    Amedea -- This is a really neat idea!
    Hilaria -- Pretty, but I just think of "hilarious"
    Frederica -- This has some cool sounds, but I think it is a bit clunky.
    Noelia -- Is this pronounced like the ending of Magnolia? If so, that is really pretty!
    Sadira -- This one is interesting, but I prefer Sabrina.
    Lilibeth -- Not my style
    Chandler -- Kind of cute for a girl (probably Nameberry suicide to say that ), but I don't think it quite fits with your other favorites.
    Ailis -- Tough pronunciation/spelling
    Madeleine -- Pretty
    Henna -- Could be considered a fresh spin on Hannah, also it reminds me of dye.
    Seeley -- Makes me think about mattress brands for some reason. Is there one with a similar name?
    Neely -- This is really pretty and reminds me of scenic Ireland or Scotland.
    Merrigan -- Wow, this is really intriguing! It has all the strength of the girls names with "son" endings and sounds so happy b/c of the "Merri" beginning. Overall, a very cheerful and spunky name. Adding it to my list.
    Senga -- Not my style
    Ramona -- I am beginning to really like this name. It is spunky and beautiful without being frilly whatsoever.
    Zohara – Very exotic and pretty although perhaps a little too much.
    Cleora -- This is kind of neat, although I prefer Cleome.
    Mahalia -- Feels overcomplicated.
    Keighley -- Not my style
    Xia -- I love the meaning, but not really the sound.
    Maren -- Lovely name. Makes me think of the ocean and of a very down-to-earth, lovely girl.
    Angelia -- Not my style
    Tresa -- Not my style
    Bellatrix -- I don't like the "trix" part
    Atarah -- Nice, but doesn't quite do it for me.
    Neva -- Very simple and pretty
    Medrie -- This is cool
    Celestia -- Too frilly for my taste
    Amaryllis -- See above
    Raiza -- This is really cool
    Athalia -- Pretty
    Margaux -- I like the outgoing, straight-forward sound of this one.
    Lileas -- Pretty and unusual.
    Isa -- Unsubstantial
    Arwen -- Pretty, but a little hard to say. Prefer Elowen.
    Madeira -- Makes me think of "my dear"
    Morwenna -- Makes me think of "morbid" : /
    Keziah -- Cool, but a little heavy for a girl.
    Sylvia -- I find this name very pretty and I like that you have a special family connection to it! You might also consider Sylvie and Silvana.
    Dorothy -- Not my style
    Maisie -- I like this as a nn for Margaret.
    Elara -- I agree, very pretty and rare!
    Havana -- I agree completely with what you said. I guess that makes it a little GP as a real name for a person though.
    Imogen -- "elegant in its own way" -- that is a perfect way to describe it.
    Inez -- Neat name and really cool family connections!
    Kairi -- Pretty
    Laelia -- Pretty, but a little too many vowels for me.
    Moira -- This is a cool. I know a doctor with this name and it seems quite wearable.
    Moriah -- I love this name! I really like the "God provides" connotations of Mt Moriah in the Bible and I love the sound of the name and how you can use the nn Rye.
    Finula -- Not my style
    Maurya -- Prefer Moira
    Ophelia -- Not my style
    Lark -- Lovely name! Great, happy connotations.
    Anaelle -- Not my style
    Laia - Pretty
    Aloisa -- Pretty and delicate
    Aviva -- A little too energetic for my taste.
    Alina -- Prefer Eliana
    Hadley -- I see the appeal, but sounds a little too masculine to me.
    Hadassah -- So pretty and great story!
    Raisa - Pretty and cute
    India -- Sounds nice, but reminds me too much of the country.
    Malena -- Not my style
    Melaina -- see above
    Delaina -- I love most/all name that start with "Del"! You might also like Delaney and Della.
    Irie -- Cute, but probably best as a nn.
    Henriette -- Great spin on Henrietta! Makes it much less clunky.
    Henrietta -- See above.
    Stella -- Pretty. Nice crisp sound.
    Celia --Pretty and sweet
    Aya -- Not my style
    Pearl -- Very pretty and simple. Plus, I love the elegance of pearls and the concept of a pearl being formed as a solution to rid an oyster of gritty sand. That gives the name a connotation of conquering trials or quiet strength to me.
    Ayelet -- Pretty
    Adalina -- Pretty, but a little too frilly for my taste
    Elka -- I just think of "elk" and "ilk"
    Thessaly -- Cool
    Lavinia -- This is kind of neat. Vinnie would be a cute nn
    Zenaida - -Not my style
    Cassia -- I love it! Very spunky and pretty!
    Zara, Zaria -- I think I really don't like Z names : /
    Saskia -- So pretty and mysterious
    Britta -- Crisp and strong. I know a little girl with this name and it works beautifully!

    Saoirse -- Not my style
    Genevieve – Not my style
    Georgiana – Pretty and regal, although I prefer Georgia
    Poe – Odd for a girl, in my opinion
    Lillia – Pretty, if a little frilly
    Aveline – Cool
    Arletta – Neat
    Clementine – I always think of the fruit
    Roisin – Not my style, but nice
    Ailsa – I prefer Elsa
    Coral – I like it! Very nice color and has a nice sound as a name.
    Paloma – I like this name and its on my long list, although I'll probably never use it.
    Jessa – Fun, although I like Jessamine nn Jessa better.
    Delphine – Makes me think of “dolphin”
    Bidelia – Reminds me of Amelia Bedelia
    Beatrice – Sweet, but too old-fashioned for me
    Indra – Feels like its missing something
    Lilias – Cool
    Alouette – This is a cool idea
    Isadora – Pretty and sophisticated
    Ilaria – I prefer Ilyria, but still very pretty!
    Greta – I vacillate between thinking this name is really pretty and thinking it sounds too gruff.
    Atley – Cool, but a little abrupt.
    Carys Marcheline – I love the meaning and soft sound of Carys! It sounds very mild and grounded with Marcheline.
    Coralei – Pretty name, although much better when spelled Coralie.
    Elora Kate – This is pretty! I might like Eliora Kate even more
    Ivy Juliet – Very cool combo, as it mixes nature and literature, strong and sweet, short and long. Nice!
    Jora – Yes, its different. Kind of cool, but I think it would be confusing since your brother's name is so similar.
    Gloria – This one is really growing on me.
    Promise – This might make a cool middle name.
    Madigan – I just think of “mad again”
    Flannery – Cool name, although I do want to say “O'Connor” right after it.

    The following I find confusing:

    I hope that helps!
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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