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    Poe inspired baby names?

    While he may be a rather morbid inspiration for baby naming Poe is one of my favorite authors. There's so many layers in what he writes and there's so many ways to read it. My freshman lit. professor told us that Poe is not just The Raven and The Tell Tale Heart. There's so much more than that. And he was right.

    Opinions on these names? Not all are taken from Poe's stories, some are just names that are similar to some "unwearable" ones.

    Felix (too much of a stretch?)
    Amontillado "Monty" (for a pet only)
    Raven (totally nms though)
    Nevermore "Nev" (pet only)
    Annabel/Annabelle (again nms)

    Any other ideas or suggestions? Thanks!

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    Any opinions?

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    Since I live in the city where Edgar Allen Poe is buried and the home of the Ravens football team, named in honor of his poem, I almost have to answer this one! I'd love to see more little boys named Edgar too. I think you did a good job of selecting and adopting names (i.e. August for Auguste, etc.) and I would definitely consider using a lot them.

    Some more:

    Usher (Fall of the House of Usher)
    Rue (Murders in the Rue Morgue)
    William Henry Leonard (his brother)
    Rosalie (his sister)
    John Allan and Frances Valentine Allan (his adoptive parents)
    Richmond, Virginia (where he also lived)
    Baltimore, Maryland (where he's buried)
    Bronx/Fordham, New York (where he lived)
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (another place where he lived)
    Amity (the name of the street in Baltimore where his house is)
    Byron (Poe's literary hero)
    (Sarah) Elmira Royster Shelton (fiancee)
    Tamerlane (first book)
    Maria Clemm (his aunt)
    Virginia Clemm (his niece and wife)
    Eulalie (poem)
    Arabesque (Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque)
    Lowell (Mass., where he met Nancy Richmond)
    Annie (poem-- For Annie)
    Sarah Helen Whitman (another fiancee)
    Rufus Griswold (literary competitor)
    Reynolds (the name Poe supposedly called out repeatedly on the night he died)
    Eureka (poem)
    Cognac, Rose/Roses (traditional gifts left on his grave)
    Helen (poem)
    Valdemar (The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar)
    Madeline (Roderick's sister in the Fall of the House of Usher)
    William Legrand (The Gold-Bug)
    Jupiter (servant in The Gold-Bug)

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    I like Tamerlane but I think its regulated to the pet world for me.
    I know DH loves Rose but most noun names sound off with our noun last name which is saddening but also loves Annie. If I could talk OH into using Edgar Iwould be ecstatic.
    Thank so much for the suggestions! I'm going to have to save this list and show him later.

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    What about Edgar?

    There is also his wife Virginia Eliza...

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