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    United States
    Where do you live?
    New South Wales, Australia (your parents were deported there when you were young)

    How does your family make your livelihood?
    You're in charge of a theatre troupe.

    Spouse 1: Charles Tennison Flyte
    Spouse 2: Laura Elizabeth Orlick Flyte

    DD1: Cecilia Anne Flyte
    DS1: Noah Lawrence Flyte
    DD2: Estella Violet Flyte
    DD3: Helena Elinor Flyte
    DS2: Simon Oliver Flyte
    DD4: Clara Abigail Flyte
    DD5: Margaret (Maggy) Anne Flyte
    DD6: Lucille (Lucie) Grace Flyte

    Charles and Laura have Cecilia, Noah, Estella, Helena, Simon, Clara, Maggy, and Lucie
    Please pray for Lucy, her and her family need your support:

    Currently loving....
    Henry, Jack, Jude, Liam, Beckett, Wesley, Noah, Mason, Simon, Luke
    Lucia (Lucy), Annabel, Eloise, Leah, Avery, Brennan/Brynn, Lilah, Reese, Annora, Antonia

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