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    Erm, I get a lot of inspiration from literature, and my faith. Not just outright Bible names like Hannah and Eve and Mary... but names like Liliana, for the Lily of the Valley Himself. Or Olive, for the Mt. of Olives, where Jesus was transfigured. Or Arianne, which means "very holy one". I'm a huge fan of literature, so I find a lot of names I love from Shakespeare and Jane Austen and Victor Hugo and Oscar Wilde... and family. It's very important for me to honor family. Honestly, though, I'll just hear a name, and sometimes it'll really strike me. A couple of the novels I've read lately have had a Serafina and a Carolina in them, and I am really loving both of those after reading it... I found my favorite girls' name, Isabelle, in a TV show (Alias). My favorite boys' name is the name of my favorite Bible character (Caleb). I honestly couldn't say where I get most of my inspiration, because sometimes names I haven't thought about in months, I'll just one day be struck by how much I really love it. And I may not have even heard it mentioned for months. I would just keep an ear out for names, listen for anything interesting. I'm not sure what else to suggest. I think the SSA list and nymbler are great suggestions, though. Or maybe look for names that have a tie to interests/hobbies/loves you have, personally. I really love Isaac and Amadeus because I've been getting back into playing the piano, and Isaac Watts is my favorite hymn writer, and Mozart is my favorite composer. Inspiration can come from anywhere, really.
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    I think a good way to start would be to think about what sort of feel you want your child's name to have. Like a category. For example:

    A name that is unisex
    A name that is very feminine/princess name
    A name that is simple and sweet
    An old fashioned name
    A rare name that no one else has
    A name honoring friends or family
    Nature names
    Virtue names
    Color names

    Then search on here, or even into Google perhaps, "color names" (or whatever you come up with in the end), and pull up lists of similar names. Write down the ones you like. Do it based on first instinct. If you look at a name and you have to think about it more, or convince yourself at all, throw it out. You should 100% like the name for your son or daughter, so I think working on the first impression is best.

    Lastly, bounce the names off of your significant other and any family/friends whose opinion you would take into account, to narrow down choices.
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    I'm most inspired by stories I love--movies, literature, history, even television. I get pretty attached to a good character
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    I look to family members/family tree for middle names. I just have always loved names, so always have some that I would love to use.

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    I get inspiration for names mostly from books (what can I say, I'm a bookworm) and from my family tree. There are also names that I will hear and just immediately love. I know you said you've explored the blogs and formus, but have you looked at nameberry's lists of names? I can usally find standout names there. Good luck!

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