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    Where do you find inspiration?

    I'm really struggling to commit to any names for my little girl due in August and have been through the blogs and forums but nothing is sticking out for me, so I was wondering where everyone finds inspirations for names?

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    I like to go to the SSA lists from past years. They top 1000 goes back as far as 1880 and with names like Emma, Margaret, Ella, Flora, etc appealing to me I like to go back and check out other names that were popular during that time. If your tastes are more modern/trendy this probably won't do you much good, but it might help you see vintage names in a new way.

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    1,209 is a good site.

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    I get a lot of inspiration from literature and poems. I also like to Google lists of names from different languages. Sometimes this helps you to see a broader range, as the SSA doesn't normally include many names from non-Western European languages (although Aylin made it on recently, and that's Turkish)...
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    I second Nymbler, it's great for helping find names that are similar to my style. Movies and books are great too. A lot of names in non-mainstream pop culture (to sound like a hipster) are interesting. A lot of names in mainstream pop culture are interesting too (like Downton Abbey.)
    Just exploring different lists on Nameberry are good for inspiration as well.
    Hope that helps and you find a name you love!

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