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    Maybe I'm in the minority, but I would still use the name. If they lived in the same town and you were due in a week, I'd say yeah, go for a plan B, but otherwise, there are many Theodores out there and it obviously means a lot to you. Maybe you'll have a girl and the dilemma will be avoided :-)
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    Names I like but are BAD with our consonant heavy surname that starts with "s" and is two syllables, ends in "er".

    First, you have good taste. Cormac, Roscoe, Milo, Wallace and Jasper are all names on my long list. Roscoe and Miles/Milo are in our final two for this babe. So thumbs up.

    I agree with the other poster who said Wallace seems to fit what you are looking for. It's sweet, strong, Wally is adorable, and also presidential like Theodore.

    Other ideas: Abraham, Oscar, Samson, Walter, or Felix?
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    I say use Theodore anyway for reasons stated by other posters, but also wanted to mention Leonard nn Leo.

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    I always link Sebastian and Theodore togeather in my head so that's my first suggustion for you, Sebastion, nn Seb or Bas. I do however agree with some of the pp who said you could still use Theodore if you really wanted to!
    From your list I love Wesley nn Wes. I also really like the suggustion of a Leo- name for you. Other ideas. . .
    Silas nn Sy
    Gideon nn Gid
    Calvin nn Cal (or any other Cal name)
    Nathaniel nn Nate
    Truman nn Tru (I actually know a little boy named this and it works well)
    Gilbert nn Gil
    Alexander nn Alec or Zane
    Ezekiel nn Zeke
    Malcolm nn Mal or Cole or Cal
    Alaric nn Alec or Al
    Henry nn Hank
    Bennet nn Ben
    Beckett nn Beck
    Good luck finding the perfect name!
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    Yay! Thank you! You all have wonderful taste. Appreciate the helpful feedback.
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