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    No, not expecting, but maybe in a year! The Theos would be 2 states away, but we are in the same group of friends. It just doesn't seem right!

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    Leopold nn Leo.
    Edward nn Teddy
    Fredrick nn Freddy
    Thomason nn Tommy
    Mathias nn Mat or Matteo nn Meo/Moe
    Myron nn Miro

    I do like Milo and Hugo from your list. Wallace is pretty cute. I recently met a baby Willis which as grown on me.

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  3. #10 are making me think more about Wallace. I do like Wally as a nn!

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    I like Wesley nn Wes a lot. Wally is pretty cute, too. You have a lot of other good choices on your list. But, honestly, you may still be able to use Theo if it means that much to you. Your friends may not mind if you explain it to them. They might not even be planning on calling their Theodore Theo. He could be called Teddy.

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    Theodore is a great name, but my feeling is that it's going to become quite popular in the near future. Maybe you dodged a bullet? I say this, because my sister stole one of my fav names... but it's not an issue, because the name shot up in popularity to the point that now I'd never use it... If you still choose to use Theodore, just find another nickname. However, the name on your list that called out to me is Cormac. It's a very interesting, unique, and slightly quirky name. You could call him Mac, which is a deliciously vintage nn. Moreover, Cormac will probably never be in the top 50...
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