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Thread: Haidee!

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    It's Greek and the meaning of this girl's name is "modest". What do you think of it? It's a real name and not a trendy spelling for Haiti.
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    You could use it if you had Greek origins, but only as a middle. Most won't know its history/meaning, and I thought it was a Heidi misspelling. I would say unusable.
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    I like it at a nickname and it is the name of the daughter on Parenthood. So, i would vote ok to use.

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    I love it, but I don't think it would be the easiest name to live with. It seems like it's misheard as Haiti or Haley and misread as Heidi--all the time.

    It's great middle name material, whether you're Greek or not.
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    It may be a real name, but it looks like a creative spelling. I would save it for the middle.

    @melissac - the daughter on Parenthood (love that show!) is actually Haddie, like Hattie.
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