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    Tamar Braxton beat me to it

    We FINALLY agreed on a boy name.! We've known for a while that we wanted to use Vincent as a middle (after hubby's grandfather), but couldn't agree on a first (my husband loved Finnegan but I couldn't quite pull the trigger on that one). A couple days ago we agreed on Logan Vincent. Then I visited nameberry this morning and saw that Tamar Braxton just used it! Oh well. At least she's not as well known as Kim and Kayne!
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    Logan Vincent is handsome! That's too bad about Tamar Braxton, but it seems like you still love it and still plan to use it, which is lovely. Maybe take solace in knowing that you're not the only Berry for it to happen to--I remember just after Tina Fey had her second daughter (Penelope Athena), there was a Nameberry announcement for the very same name only a couple days or weeks later. I suppose it could happen to the best of us!
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    If it's helpful, I have no idea who Tamar Braxton is. Also, I don't think that the name is too obscure that people would feel you copied this celeb.

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    I also have no idea who Tamar Braxton is. Logan Vincent is a nice name.

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    I'm going to assume that she is a Braxton sister, but honestly I have no idea who she is. And I think 95% of people would be the same way. She's clearly not THAT famous, where people would think of her child when they hear the name. Only a select few people would. So if you love the name, I'd would use it anyway.

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